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The Carston

The Carstone garage has become an extremely popular design with both modern and traditional properties.

The design incorporates an Apex roof which is manufactured to provide maximum strength, durability and improved drainage properties with the advantage of an extra storage area in the roof space.

The Apex roof is constructed using a steel “A” frame with treated timber purlings, clad with 5” heavy duty profile non asbestos fibre cement roofsheets. In addition a 12º pitch with profile fitting fibre cement ridge tiles and foam eaves fillers is supplied as standard. The Apex garage roof design is also available in a range of other roofing options.

Our range of Apex Roof Garages are featured below.

The Carstone has the added benefit of having an extra storage area within the roof space.

As standard, all garages wall panels are supplied with Cantebury Spar finish. Dencroft can also supply their garages in a range of other finishes including Denbyshire Spar, Yellow Spar, White Spar. Dencroft can also manufacture bespoke garage designs, such as the Denstone and Denbrick Garages.

Available as either a single or double garage, the Carstone has a range of features and an array of accessories including:

  • A unique base unit for additional strength and height (on 7ft model only)
  • Additional storage area within roof
  • Classic interlocking panels for extra rigidity and weather proofing
  • Broad range of door styles available to suit your needs
  • Special off-set door version is available
  • Eaves fillers are provided as standard from Dencroft and provide protection against weather conditions
  • Fully tiled or simulated tiled roof available
  • Heights up to 9ft to eaves available


Apex Tall

Apex Denstone

Apex Denbrick

Base Laying

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