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Our standard garage roof is manufactured using a 5” heavy duty corrugated cement fibre roof sheet (non asbestos). The maintenance free sheets are non combustible and will not rust, rot or corrode. The sheets are allowed to breathe which reduces the internal moisture and minimises the chance of condensation. Our cement fibre roofs can also be supplied in a range of colours, including red, slate grey, black, blue, brown and green.

Each sheet is securely fitted onto specially engineered steel angle trusses and come treated with bitumen paint for long life. All Dencroft garages are supplied with eaves fillers as standard to protect against extreme weather conditions.

In addition to Dencroft’s standard concrete garage roof, we can also provide a range of alternative roofing options, to allow you to tailor your roof to the style of your garage or requirements. These include:

- Box profile plastic coated steel sheets
- Box profile (as above) with anti condensation underlay
- Insulated Box Profile (coloured) steel sheets
- Tile effect plastic coated (coloured) steel sheets
- Tile effect sheets (as above) with anti-condensation underlay
- Real concrete tiles roof (to match your house roof)
- Translucent roof sheet

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