It’s not anyone’s idea of fun to battle the elements on a dark stormy winter’s night, grappling with the keys to open your garage door. Imaging arriving home and at the simple touch of a button driving straight into your garage without even having to leave the comfort of your vehicle. Dencroft’s range of electric door operators can bring this touch of luxury at a surprisingly low cost.

Operational features

Our garage door operators are designed for maximum efficiency, safety and durability. All of our operators have the latest loading sensing technology for total reliability and include many key benefits:

- Low headroom for high vehicles
- Light stays on after door closes
- Silent design chain driven rail
- No wiring – just needs to be plugged in
- Cord manual release

Controller features

Our electric door controllers are amongst the most technical advanced on the market, and include the following features:

- Secure rolling code remotes
- Automatic force mapping
- Wireless wall console (optional)
- Soft start and soft stop
- Maintenance monitor
- Automatic obstacle detection
- Selectable auto re-close
- Optional Infrared beam
- Optional battery back up

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