Planning Approval

During the survey process, our planning advisers will be able to give you help and advice as to whether planning permission will be required to erect your sectional building.

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Site Measurement & Design

Before we undertake any project, Dencroft can conduct a free site survey, Dencroft engineers deliver and erect your new garage, all included in the price. We will assess all aspects relating to the erection process. We will also discuss the specification you are looking for, paying particular consideration to:

- size of your vehicle
- space you require
- garage height
- double garage or single garage
- style of garage (pent / apex / lean to)
- garage finish
- garage door
- access doors
- windows
- roof materials

Upon completion of the survey, we will provide a comprehensive quote which will outline the design and specification of your concrete garage.

Dismantling & Removal of old Garage

For an additional cost, before proceeding with the garage installation our engineers will dismantle, remove and dispose of your old garage.

Removal & Disposal of Asbestos Material

We will already have assessed whether your old garage contains asbestos materials at the site survey phase. When asbestos is present, our fully qualified and insured engineers will arrive in full asbestos PPE uniform, and with all relevant containment equipment. Asbestos will then be removed and disposed of in accordance with the Environment Agencies standards.

Excavation & Removal of old Base

During the site survey, if you are replacing an old garage, Dencroft will assess the suitability of your existing garage base. In the event that the existing base is unsuitable due to damage or it is in a state of disrepair, we can excavate, remove and dispose of the concrete waste.

Groundwork & Preparation

In the event a new concrete garage base being required, Dencroft can provide the complete range of groundwork and site preparation, ready for your new base to be installed.

Concrete Base Laying

Dencroft can provide the complete end to end concrete base laying service from the excavation of your old garage base, through to groundwork preparation and final completion. Having a new base installed gives you the comfort of knowing that your knew garage is not going to suffer any subsistence or experience movement. This can cause structural problems and can jam your garage door.

Visit our concrete base laying page for more information >>>

New Garage Supply & Installation

Whether you are looking for a single garage or a double garage, Dencroft can provide the complete end to end solution from manufacturing through to installation. 

Your Dencroft concrete garage will be carried out by our team of highly skilled professionals, in line with the most stringent quality standards and with minimal disruption to your property and lifestyle.

1. Planning Approval

2. Site Measurement & Design

3. Dismantling & Removal of old Garage

4. Removal & Disposal of Asbestos Material

5. Excavation & Removal of old Base

6. Groundwork & Preparation

7. Concrete Base Laying

8. New Garage Supply & Installation

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