The Crofton ‘Pent Roof’ Garage is an ideal garage that is popular with many of today’s homeowners due to its modern and practical design, as well as it being an extremely cost effective option.

The pent roof drains from the front to the rear on this style of concrete garage and offers a practical solution to drainage.

It has a generous rearguard sloping roof complete with 5” heavy duty profile non asbestos fibre cement roofsheets that are fixed onto the painted steel roof trusses. In addition a Garador British fully retractable steel framed up an over door is included as standard with every Dencroft garage.

Our range of Pent Roof Garages is detailed in the section below:

Pent Spa
Pent Denbrick
Pent Denstone
Pent Tall
Pent Double

Interlocking Panels

(unlike inferior butt jointed panels that are used by other cheaper manufacturers)

Interlocking Garage Panels

All Dencroft garages feature interlocking bolted joint panels that provide superior strength and protection from the weather

Available as either a single or double garage, the Crofton has a range of features and an array of accessories including:

  • A unique base unit for additional strength and height (on 7ft model only)
  • Classic interlocking panels for extra rigidity and weather proofing
  • Broad range of door styles available to suit your needs
  • Special off-set door version is available
  • Eaves fillers are provided as standard from Dencroft and provide protection against weather conditions

As standard, all garages wall panels are supplied with Cantebury Spar finish. Dencroft can also supply their garages in a range of other finishes including Derbyshire Spar, Yellow Spar, White Spar. Dencroft can also manufacture bespoke garage designs, such as the Denstone and Denbrick Garages. 

In addition The Crofton range includes the specially designed interlocking panels that provide added strength, rigidity and a weather proof joint. The panels are machine vibrated and reinforced with high yield steel to give an exceptionally strong concrete panel.









Whilst all of our concrete garages, sheds and workshops are of a high specification, Dencroft offer a range of accessories that can be purchased as an upgrade. Click on the links below for more information:

Popular Optional Extras include:
Personal door
UPVC maintenance free fascia
Alternative main door styles
Extra height models
Denbrick fronts
4” guttering
4 point locking on main door
Electric remote control
Terracotta red roofsheets

See Accessories for our full range of optional extras.

Contact us now on 0800 1182547 for a no obligation quote.



crofton/ Pent roof / concrete garage / Wakefield / Yorkshire Crofton / Pent roof / concrete garage / Yorkshire / Huddersfield Crofton / Pent roof / concrete garage / Double garage / Yorkshire Crofton / Pent roof / concrete garage / steel hinged door / white / Yorkshire Crofton / Pent roof / concrete garage / double garage / Yorkshire Crofton / Pent roof / concrete garage / double garage / Yorkshire Crofton/ 2 doors and upvc windows/white fascias/ Huddersfield Crofton/Horizon white/timber pd/Wakefield Crofton/Horizon white/timber pd/Wakefield Crofton/ 1 pair steel hinged white doors/Oldham


" After experiencing problems with my garage I contacted Dencroft for a quote on a new pent garage. I was delighted that they would best match any other quote and their friendly staff made the whole process seamless. "

S. Patel, Bradford

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