Benefits of storing your car in a concrete garage

Benefits of storing your car in a concrete garage

 Not many homeowners tend to park their cars in their garage these days. Instead, they choose to use the space in their garage for alternative uses such as a workshop, a home gym or something as simple as additional storage space.

But here at Dencroft Garages, we feel that storing your car in there is a lot more beneficial, as if you leave your car outside, it is susceptible to dangers more than if it were stored securely inside your concrete garage.

Safe from elements

If you choose to store your car inside your garage, it will instantly prolong its life. Rain, snow and ice are all enemies of your car’s paintwork; not to mention tree sap and bird droppings which are both acidic.

Protection from other cars

By parking on the street, your car is more likely to be damaged by other cars or vehicles which aren’t careful when driving past or parking close to your car. You can prevent any damage from happening by choosing to park in the garage.

Prevents damage from extreme temperatures

Both freezing and boiling temperatures make your car an extremely uncomfortable environment as well as potentially causing serious damage to your car. The cold can freeze certain parts of your vehicle, whereas the heat can harm the quality of your engine.

Low insurance

A lot of insurance companies offer lower insurance rates for those who park their car in the garage. Therefore, storing your car inside could be the difference between saving potentially hundreds of pounds and not.

Chances of vandalism or it being stolen reduced

Your car is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so why increase the chance of it being stolen or vandalised by storing it outside? A garage helps eliminate the temptation of stealing or damaging your car, as most thieves or vandals would never think about breaking in to a garage.

For any further information on garage security or any of our products, call one of our friendly, experienced, Yorkshire-based team on 0800 1182547.

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