Tips to prepare your garage for winter

Tips to prepare your garage for winter

 The winter months can inflict big problems and potentially be a huge threat to the quality and safety of your garage. It is the perfect weather to cause wear to your garage’s exterior due to coldness and dampness – and once the exterior is damaged, the contents are also at a risk of damage.

But the experts here at Dencroft Garages are here to help, here are some top tips to help prepare your garage for winter.

Insulate the walls

By insulating the walls in your garage, you are instantly improving energy efficiency, lowering your bills and keeping your garage a whole lot warmer. Not only do cold temperatures in the garage make it uncomfortable, but it causes damp which can lead to rust. Obviously, the insulation will initially cost you money, but you will earn it back instantly through lower bills and not having to pay for damages.

Seal holes or gaps

Make sure you take time to search through your garage for any holes or gaps in the walls, the door and the roof. If not attended to, these holes are susceptible to cold air and moisture seeping through them which could lead to big problems.

Invest in a new door

The most important part of any protection when it comes to a garage is the garage door. So a fantastic way to protect your garage from the cold weather is to buy a brand new one – as it will be in the best condition possible and will most likely be insulated. Garage doors now come in an array of different designs and colours so this could also improve the aesthetic of your home’s exterior.

For any further information on garage safety or if you require our assistance, give one of the team a call here at Dencroft Garages on 0800 1182547.

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