Advantages of using concrete

Advantages of using concrete

 Using concrete as a building material has many advantages over using wood – obvious ones such as durability due to the fact that wood’s quality deteriorates over time due to its exposure to the elements. The building material is extremely familiar to engineers, builders, designers alike, allowing concrete to develop and evolve over time to utilise its many advantages – here are a few of them.

Strength increases over time

There will be no need for re-building if you choose a concrete garage, as concrete’s strength increases over time. It holds up against any weather condition, as well as being extremely easy to maintain.

It’s safe

Concrete doesn’t burn, rot or mildew – meaning it is a building material which is fantastic at preventing allergies. Also, concrete is excellent at preventing allergens such as dust and pollen from entering your home, garage or commercial building. Concrete doesn’t give off any chemicals, unlike other man-made materials, meaning that with the reduced allergens it produces better air quality.

Due to its superior quality of structure, a concrete garage would be a lot safer in extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes, snowstorms etc.

Good for the environment

Concrete leaves a very little environmental footprint, whilst being extremely durable – something that builders and consumers are always looking for. Its minimal environmental footprint is down to the fact that concrete uses locally available materials and it can also be recycled.

Fire resistant

We have briefly touched on this earlier, but concrete is highly regarded as a building material thanks to its fire-resistant properties. By choosing it as your construction or garage material, it instantly decreases the likelihood of a fire and therefore increasing the safety of your home, garage and commercial building.

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