Cheap ways to keep your garage updated

Cheap ways to keep your garage updated

Have you been neglecting your garage for a while? Well it’s time to pay attention and give the space the renovation it deserves. Here at Dencroft Garages, we have seen concrete garages in all kinds of states, so we are experts when it comes to giving spaces an amazing makeover – so we have come up with a few cheap ways to help you keep your garage updated.

Longer lasting light

A standard bulb can’t take much vibration, so having it in a frequently used garage door opener isn’t smart. Luckily, there are specific LED lights which have been created specifically for garage doors – which are able to withstand vibrations and temperatures as cold as -22 degrees.

Ceiling storage

If everything in your garage is easily reachable, you’re are probably wasting too much storage space. Aerial space is often forgot about, but it is an extremely space to store long term storage items, rather than heavy tools. Cabinets near the ceiling or deep cabinets can hold seasonal items such as tree decorations.

Reuse containers and get labelling 

Rather than investing in storage boxes, recycle old oil containers or washing deterrent jugs to store little items such as screws, nails and other useful supplies.
Insulate the garage door

A well-insulated garage door can keep your garage up to 12 degrees warmer in winter and 25 degrees cooler in the winter. Not only does it make the garage a more comfortable place to be, it also saves you a lot of money – if your garage wasn’t insulated, cold air would seep in and warm air would creep out, leading to higher energy bills.

Is your garage in serious need of repair? Or maybe you don’t even have one. Here at Dencroft Garages, we supply top of the range concrete garages, so feel free to give us a call on 0800 1182547.

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