Benefits of a double garage door

Benefits of a double garage door

 It may seem obvious, that if you have a double garage, then you will need a double garage door.  However, with over 60 years in the garage manufacture and installation business, Dencroft has found that nothing is completely obvious where garages are concerned. Much will depend on your personal circumstances, and what you use your double garage for.

There are several benefits to fitting a double garage door to a double garage. The most compelling of these is cost. A double garage door requires only one set of opening and closing mechanisms, suspension arms, locking mechanisms, and electrification units, for a motorised door. This offers huge cost benefits over doubling your outlay for two single garage doors. Equally important, are considerations as to how you will mount two single garage doors. You will need a central pillar, which will significantly reduce access to the space within.

Convenience is a factor which needs careful examination. You might expect that opening a single garage door would be easier than opening the wider expanse of a double garage door. With today’s smooth operating top quality double garage doors, expertly installed by Dencroft on your double garage, though, opening a double garage door need offer no more inconvenience than opening just one single garage door. Once you have opened the double garage door, the entire width of your garage will be easily accessible, which is likely to be far more convenient than opening only half of the entrance.

Reasons to consider choosing two single garage doors over a double garage door include a requirement to maintain privacy for whatever you may store in half of your garage, such as a valuable classic car, which may be vulnerable to weather damage, or prying eyes. Other likely reasons for choosing two single garage doors, rather than opting for the convenience of a double garage door, may be that half of your double garage has been put to an alternative use, such as a workshop, store room, gym, or den. You may not want this extra room exposed to the elements whenever you open the garage to access your vehicle.

To discuss the convenience of a competitively priced double garage door, or to select two single garage doors, call the experts at Dencroft on 0800 1182547, where a wealth of experience is at your disposal.

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