Why insulating your concrete garage is a must

Why insulating your concrete garage is a must

 If you’re wondering whether to insulate and heart your concrete garage, don’t ponder it any longer and get it done. But if you’re looking for further reasons to do it, look no further. As we have compiled a list of benefits to insulating your garage, which proves that insulating you concrete garage is a must for the safety and comfort of your home and belongings.

If uninsulated, attached garages could lead to cold home

Even though the wall in between your concrete garage and your home is usually insulated, as is the door, it only keeps out the cold when the door is closed. Each time you open the door to go in and out of the cold garage, the freezing air seeps in to your home, and the warm air from your home creeps in to the cold garage.

Protect your treasured items

Recreational equipment such as bikes and kayaks should not be some of those things you have to worry about whether they are going to be affected by the weather. But if you leave them out in an uninsulated concrete garage, the humidity will turn it rusty and mouldy. With an insulated garage, you wouldn’t have that worry.

Protection from carbon monoxide

In case you leave your garage door open for a long period of time, accidental or not, insulated walls act as a barrier to prevent carbon monoxide fumes from creeping in to your home – something that could seriously damage your health.

Insulation acts as a sound barrier

Insulating your concrete garage provides a sound barrier for your home, stopping sound from coming in and out of your home. If your garage is used as a workshop, it stops your neighbours getting annoyed at the constant noise of power drills. Or it may be used for you kids to practice their instruments – an insulated garage means you won’t need those earplugs anymore.

If you’re looking to have any alterations made on your current concrete garage, or would like one building, give us a call here at Dencroft Garages on 0800 1182547.

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