Simple tips to design your garage

Simple tips to design your garage

When designing their home, many people tend to forget about their garage. It is often seen as just a place to store your car and any other unwanted or unused items, but it has the potential to be a lot more than that. The design of you garage is just as important as the design of the rest of your home, and to help you out, we give you these simple tips:

Take care of safety and convenience

Safety should be the number one priority when designing your garage, and it shouldn’t be over-looked. Investing in things that will keep your garage secure is a must, a security system may be expensive, but it decreases the chances of break-ins massively.

Simple items such as cabinets mean that safety inside the garage is increased, as it is where you will store tools which may be left out on the floor or the shelf where you could fall over them or they could fall on you.

Match the garage with your home

Whether it is from the outside or entering the garage, matching the style of your garage to your home gives it that homey feel – the same way the main part of your home should. Match your houses windows, doors, materials, windows… everything!


There is no such thing as a well-designed garage without it being neat, clean and organised. Invest in storage systems to make most of your garages, whether it is wall hangings or shelving up on the walls or a set of drawers, you need somewhere to store your equipment.

Light it up

Dependant on what you will use your garage for, good, bright lighting is key. If you are using it as a work shop, you will need to invest in a light which will focus on the area that you will be working at. But if your garage is a generic storage space for both your car and day to day items, fluorescent items will work perfectly, as they light up the garage without costing too much.

Here at Dencroft Garages, we specialise in building concrete garages for your home, so if you are looking to get one installed, give one of the team a call on 0800 1182547.

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