How to declutter your concrete garage

How to declutter your concrete garage

Cleaning out and organising the garage is one of those tasks which has needed to be done for the past 3 years but you never get around to doing it. It’s very easy to close the door on your clutter but taking control and organising once and for all will be worth it. Here are some top tips to help you get the best out of your concrete garage!

Recruit helpers

Round up a team of willing helpers that you know will help you out in your quest for a clean and tidy concrete garage! Whether they are friends, family or your housemates, they should need a good excuse to get out of this one, as there will be some of their belongings in the garage too.
Small steps lead to success.

It is vital that you start the declutter with the correct areas, start with the areas closest to the door, meaning it is easier to remove big objects from further back in the concrete garage. Once you have cleared the doorway, get your crew to attack certain areas, cleaning as they go. This saves time and means that each person has their dedicated areas, not getting in each other’s way, maximising productivity. If you don’t have a concrete garage top to clean out and organise, contact a local manufacturer such as Dencroft Garages for your very own bespoke concrete garage!

Planning is key

Pre-planning your clear-out by grabbing supplies such as bin bags and empty boxes will allow you to organise what is rubbish, what is recycling and what you want to keep. This means you won’t be stood there wondering where to put it all and waste time, if you have set area for specific items then it helps the work flow and sets a clear process.

What stays? What goes?

Once the concrete garage is all cleaned, swept and polished, that is when all the fun begins. Decide which items are staying, which items are going. Don’t take hours pondering whether to keep the book your great uncle gave you when you were little, or the teddy bear you got when you were ill, it either stays or it goes.


After it is all decided, that is when you can start to plan the lay-out of your new decluttered concrete garage. Create zones with related items in said zones, so when you need these items, you know where to go rather than roaming around the garage, throwing everything everywhere. An area for camping equipment, an area for tools, an area for the kids’ sporting equipment – the idea should be clear by now.


You need the essential equipment to organise each specific section of your concrete garage if you’re doing it properly. Storage options make your garage so much neater and mean you can create more space for your car or any other large object in the space such as a ping pong table or a woodwork bench for any DIY. Head over to this page to see the most useful storage items for your concrete garage.

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