Converting a concrete garage into an apartment

Concrete garage

 At a time when many homeowners throughout the UK are deciding to stay put in their homes instead of moving, concrete garage conversions are becoming a regular thing. For homeowners looking for additional living space, or an extra bit of income thanks to things like AirBnB, many concrete garage owners are now looking to convert their space into a new apartment.

So how would you go about converting your garage into a new part of your home?

- Decide on your budget and who will carry out the work. Are you going to be taking on the project yourself or will you be hiring a contractor?

- Get all of the relevant planning permissions in place for you to carry out the work. It is crucial you do this before you start any building work as there may be some restrictions.

- Think about your structural elements, for example you’ll need to plaster your concrete garage walls, and maybe look to add in flooring (unless you are wanting an industrial look). You’ll also need some windows, which aren’t a feature of all concrete garages, as well as some quality doors, which will need putting throughout the space

- Hire out professionals to put in electricity and plumbing to your concrete garage to make the space livable

- Think about how you are going to insulate the concrete garage to keep it warm

- Will you have room for an outdoor space? If so, it’s best to think about this early on to avoid disappointment

Concrete garages are highly versatile parts of the home. If you are thinking about carrying out a conversion project and would like to know more about our concrete garage options, please give our Yorkshire team a call today on
0800 1182547.

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