Why concrete is so sustainable


 At Dencroft Garages, we are one of the longest running, highly regarded manufacturers and suppliers of quality concrete garages in the Batley and surrounding Yorkshire region. That’s because we truly believe that the products we are selling are not only beneficial to our customers, but also to the environment.

For years, concrete has been one of the most popular, sustainable building materials used within the construction industry. That’s because it is cheap, has a low carbon footprint and keeps the environment clean.
So why is it so sustainable?

Concrete is used to build long lasting, durable structures that can outlive all weather conditions. That’s because they don’t rust, burn or rot, making their life span much more longer than other materials- hence why the majority of our concrete garage owners have them for 20+ years.

Our concrete garages can save Yorkshire homeowners money on energy bills down to the advantage of the materials thermal mass which allows it to absorb and retain heat. This makes concrete garages much more insulated than others, even before a garage door has been installed.

Concrete is cheap to produce and can be made in quantities needed for specific projects. By doing this, we reduce waste because any additional concrete made can be crushed and recycled back into aggregates for other construction projects.
Unlike other garage materials, concrete can retain rainwater due to its sponge like network of voids which allow water to pass through readily. This means that concrete can replenish local water supplier- contributing massively to the environment and local community.

Dencroft Garages are one of the leading manufacturers of concrete garages in the Yorkshire area, for more information on any of our products please give us a call on 0800 1182547.

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