How much does a garage add to a property’s value?

How much does a garage add to a property’s value?

 At Dencroft, we truly believe in the value of a concrete garage, and now we are hoping you do too, with a new survey revealing that the addition of a garage can add between five and ten per cent to the value of your home.

In today’s climate, it has become an essential that most homeowners want to have, with many of them having cars and needing a safe place to keep them. Off road parking is limited, particularly in many small villages in the Yorkshire area, with concrete garages being a good solution to an ever-growing problem.

According to the recent research carried out by international bank, Santander there are over 9 million private garages across the UK, which means that almost half of homes have one. Garages main uses according to the findings are to securely store vehicles such as cars and motorbikes and are actually the first request from a prospective homebuyer.

When you think how affordable concrete garages are, it seems like an investment worth looking into when you think of how much money you may get back in the future sale of your home.

At Dencroft Garages, our concrete garages are available in both pent and apex roof options, and are extremely competitively priced, making us one of the most affordable manufacturers in the Yorkshire area. What’s more, if you use one of our concrete garages to keep your car in overnight, you will in turn also reduce the cost of your car insurance.

So what are you waiting for? If you have the room at your Yorkshire property and you would like to save money (and make money) start to look into investing into a concrete garage. For further information on any of your garage products, please get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 1182547 today.

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