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Dencroft Garages is a leading manufacturer of concrete garages, and with almost 70 years’ experience, the garage installation team has a wide experience of how useful garages can be. With property prices high, and moving costs considerable, though, many garage owners will consider converting integral garages to extra living space. A carefully thought out garage conversion could add as much as 10% to the value of your home.

One of the first things to consider when planning a garage conversion, is planning permission. If your conversion remains within your existing garage, then planning permission is not usually required, unless your property is a listed building, or in an area with specific building controls, but some new properties may come with a condition that the garage is retained as a parking space.

You will need to comply with building regulations, and you should seek advice about this before committing yourself to your conversion plans. There are several differences between buildings intended to be garages, and those intended as dwellings, and these will need to be addressed. You may need to add extra walls, strengthen foundations, and create a ceiling. Consideration must also be given at an early stage to the garage door aperture. If it is to be bricked up, then you will almost certainly need to increase the strength of the foundations. A large window, and panelling, will be lighter, and may be less expensive to achieve.

The increased living space you create will require additional plumbing and wiring, so give careful thought to the uses you plan for your living space, to ensure you add in all the utilities you need at this stage. Due to the thin rectangular shape of most single garages, you may decide to subdivide the space, creating a shower room, or utility, and this will require extra plumbing.

Flooring and walls will need extra insulation, but this will repay you in the long-run with reduced heating costs. Make sure you check building regulations for these, so that there will be no problems if you decide to sell your property in the future.

Having converted your attached garage, if you decide to invest in a new separate concrete garage, be sure to contact the experts at Dencroft Garages, the specialists in concrete garages.

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