How to build a concrete garage base

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Dencroft Garages has over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing and installing concrete garages, and we offer a full delivery and installation service, including an initial site visit to measure up, and the laying of a concrete base for your new garage. If you prefer to lay the base for your concrete garage yourself, here are a few points for you to consider.

Firstly, bear in mind that the stability and durability of your concrete garage will depend to a great extent on the soundness of the base, so don’t be tempted to cut corners when building the base. A large concrete garage can weigh around 3 tonnes, so a good, solid concrete base is essential. Do not lay your concrete on top of turf, tarmac, or paving stones, as all these will shift over time, and cause subsidence problems.

The concrete for your base should ideally be around 4 inches deep in the middle, and 8 inches deep around the edges, with a hardcore foundation of 4 inches. If the base is significantly higher than the surrounding ground, you will need a ramp for easy access.

If your concrete garage is to sit on sloping ground, create drainage channels around the uphill side to channel rainwater away. The base should be 3 inches all round larger than the garage, and the edges should be chamfered to allow water to run off, rather than back under the garage. Do not create an excessively wide margin around your garage, or rain will tend to remain there, and may run inside.

Other things you may need, are a damp proof membrane, to prevent damp from seeping up into the concrete, and reinforcing mesh to strengthen the concrete. This is particularly important for a larger concrete garage.

The base for your concrete garage must be perfectly flat and level, so if possible have your concrete poured evenly across the base, so that you can spread it out easily with a rake, and level it with a long straight piece of wood.

For more information about how to lay a good base for your concrete garage, consult the instructions on our website, or give the expert garage installation team at Dencroft Garages a call.

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