Common problems with domestic concrete garages

Common problems with domestic concrete garages

 Homeowners in the Batley and surrounding Yorkshire area can really demand a lot from their concrete garages. They are probably one of the most used (and underrated) parts of any Yorkshire home and are a valuable place for storage and large equipment and vehicles.

Because of that, a lot of homeowners come into small problems with their concrete garages. So what are the most common problems and how can you avoid them?

Too much clutter
Excess clutter in your concrete garage can cause health and safety issues for people who are passing in and out. Someone could trip, hit their head or other parts of their body on sharp objects etc. so how can you avoid clutter? At Dencroft, we see a lot of homeowners with too much clutter in their concrete garage, so we strongly recommend you look into smart storage. Wall storage, wall racks and cabinets are a good place to start!

Damaged garage doors
Garage doors can be a second thought for many homeowners but those that are outdated and look faded, rusty or damaged really can dent your curb appeal. Not only that, but they could be a health and safety issue. If you haven’t upgraded your garage door within the past 10-15 years we strongly recommend you look to upgrading to a modern garage door- which will really bring your concrete garage to life.

Damaged garage floor
The floor on concrete garages really endure a lot of wear and tear and that’s because they are regularly used and most often than not they are probably never maintained. Chips, crumbling, lack of paint and cracks can really damage your floor and that is why we strongly recommend you maintain and apply a coating to protect it going forward.

Dencroft Garages is one of the leading suppliers of concrete garages in the region. For more information on our concrete garage options please call our Batley team on 0800 1182547.

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