How to transform your concrete garage into a guest room

How to transform your concrete garage into a guest room

Homeowners rarely use their garages for their original purpose nowadays, instead they look to maximise the full potential of the extra space it provides as opposed to using it simply for storage. With current house prices being so high, any extra square foot you have on your property is far too valuable to be used simply as storage or sheltering a vehicle.

Dencroft Garages manufacture a range of concrete garages that are extremely versatile and can be converted into pretty much anything you put you mind to. One popular garage conversion that offers the best return on investment is a guest room. The difference that an extra bedroom adds onto the value of your home far exceeds the cost of the conversion.
Here are some tips for how to convert your concrete garage into a guest room:

If your garage is truly going to be a guest room or bedroom then it needs to have sufficient insulation and a source of heating. Temperatures can plummet dangerously low overnight which would make it extremely uncomfortable to sleep in. You can specify your insulation needs with the manufacturer beforehand to make sure that your garage will be suitable for a living room.

Another essential feature of your converted garage is electricity. To make your concrete garage are appropriate living space then it also needs to have a power supply. This is for at the very least ambient lighting but also the modern bedroom is extremely reliant on power outlets. This is for things like a phone or computer charger, a bedside lamp for reading or even a television.

At Dencroft Garages we can work closely with you to offer a bespoke garage that is custom built to suit your needs and requirements. If you’d like more information about how our garages can be used as a spare bedroom, call us today on 0800 1182547.

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