Is a pent roof better than an apex roof for a garage?

Is a pent roof better than an apex roof for a garage?

At Dencroft Garages we sell a lot of pent roof garages to homeowners in the Batley and surrounding region. Although we know how popular they are and how beneficial they can be to homeowners, pent roof garages still have a stigma attached to them that they aren’t practical and will end up costing homeowners more money if something goes wrong.

In light of that, we have listed some of big-pros of pent roof garages to help break the stigma:

- Pent roofs are considered one of the most energy efficient options for garages according to Energy Star
- They’re on trend with more modern homes opting for a pent roof rather than an apex garage roof
- If you are limited on space, flat roof garages can be created into an additional outdoor living space, with many people adding grass, soil and plants for a garden area – which is perfect if you live in an urban area
- Pent roofs can now be sealed to avoid leaks – which is what they are notoriously known for creating

At Dencroft Garages our pent roof garages are ideal for homeowners in Yorkshire looking for an affordable and modern addition to their home. All of our pent roofs have drains installed from the front to the rear to offer a practical solution to drainage and come in the form of both single and double garages.

If you are based in Batley, Huddersfield,Wakefield or the surrounding Yorkshire area and you are looking for more information on pent roof garages, please get in touch with out team on 0800 118 2547.

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