Practical uses for concrete garages

Practical uses for concrete garages

 We have given you the surprising uses for garages, but here are the more practical uses. Whilst extravagant transformations like a cinema or bar are incredible uses, they simply aren’t realistic for the everyday homeowner. This is for homeowners that are looking to optimise every available inch of living space in their home as house prices are ever increasing.

Here is a list of some alternative uses for your concrete garage that are more useful than simply car shelter, but also practical for your everyday life.

Office workspace
If your extremely busy with work projects, either from your job or a freelance capacity, a concrete garage can provide the perfect space. If you don’t have the luxury of having a spare room in your flat or house, a garage can provide the much-needed free space. A concrete garage can provide the peace and quiet away from any possible distractions that may come with working in a busy family home.

Some of the biggest and best business have started off by working in a garage, including Apple and Amazon. A transformed concrete garage gives you the shelter and space for your manual work or craftmanship. Whether you’re renovating bikes or carving ornaments, your concrete garage is the perfect space. The loud noises or messy work won’t interfere with the house’s tidiness and will leave you free to work on your projects any hour of the day.

Simply storage
If you have exhausted every possible storage space in your house the concrete garage can be the best place to go. With technology playing a more prominent role in our day to day lives, the belongings we own are increasingly valuable. Hoovers and lawn mowers can be worth well in the excess of £500; which is far too valuable to leave in an unsecure outhouse or shed.

Many people like to fantasise about how their concrete garage could be an extravagant man cave or games room, but most people would rather capitalise on its practical uses. The current housing market calls for much more practical uses for its space than luxurious ones, where most of us most cannot afford to lose that kind of space. House prices are constantly increasing and its becoming more and more expensive to upsize.

This is why many people contact Dencroft Garages to help extend the living space of their home, and use it wisely. Dencroft construct a wide range of completely customisable concrete garages, bespoke for each of its clients to suit their individual requirements. For more information on how a new concrete garage can work for your home, call Dencroft now on 0800 1182547.

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