Why choose concrete for your garage?

Concrete Garage

A new garage or shed is a great way to expand the living space of your home and help homeowners maximise their houses potential.

Garages and sheds can offer endless possibilities in how they can be adapted in terms of living space, including gyms, cinemas and offices. But once you have considered what purpose your garage will have you next need to decide its material.

Garages can come in many different materials, including, brick, stone or concrete. Each one has different properties that make them better suited for their purpose. Concrete is one of the most popular materials for garages due to its versatility and functionality.

One main benefit of using concrete for your garage is strength and security. Structurally, concrete is one of the strongest materials used in construction and is therefore a near-perfect material for a garage. The modern garage now stores much more valuable equipment and technology so its strength and durability is absolutely essential.

As a garage evolves from just an outbuilding to a living space, the likelihood is that it will more commonly have people residing or playing inside it. Health and safety is therefore a massive concern and concrete will not set on fire like other materials. Similarly, concrete garages do not drip molten plastic or give off toxic fumes, which makes them much safer for people to live and play in.

A third benefit that makes concrete such a prominent material for garages and sheds is its energy efficiency. Compared to other materials that are used in construction, concrete has great thermal mass levels. This mean they are better able to absorb and store heat more, thus saving the homeowner money in the long term and demonstrating a good return on investment.

Concrete has many benefits which make it such a practical material for concrete garages. Dencroft’s Yorkshire-based team specialise in using concrete to construct custom, tailored-made garages for however best suits the owner and property.

For more information about how a concrete garage can benefit your domestic property, call us now on 0800 1182547.

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