5 amazing companies that started in a garage

5 amazing companies that started in a garage

Whilst traditionally the garage is the place to store the family car, it is increasingly being used for other purposes. As well as a place for storing sports equipment, or putting an extra fridge, the garage is also a workshop and office space. Indeed, these companies all had humble beginnings in a garage:

1. Yankee Candle Company

Today, the Yankee Candle Company is the biggest supplier of scented candles in America. However, the business began when founder Michael Kittredge first melted wax crayons in his family’s garage to create a present for his mum.

2. Disney

Although it’s hard to believe it now, with their parks all over the world and continuous onscreen success, the first Disney studio was in fact in a garage. Walt Disney’s uncle’s garage in Los Angeles to be precise.

3. Amazon

With huge warehouses worldwide, it’s also hard to imagine Amazon once operating out of a garage. However, before its rapid expansion, this global company was based in Jeff Bezos’ garage.

4. Hewlett-Packard

The immensely successful joint venture between Bill Hewlett and David Packard began in the latter’s garage almost 80 years ago. From its small beginnings HP has grown enormously since then.

5. Apple

Another company you may not associate with a garage is Apple. However, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs began assembling the first computers the tech giant sold in a garage in California.

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