How to pick the right garage for your needs

How to pick the right garage for your needs

Dencroft has over 60 year’s experience in manufacturing and erecting concrete and brick garages in a wide choice of styles and materials, to suit locations and budgets throughout the UK. Garages must fulfil practical requirements, but also should enhance your home visually. Here is a quick checklist on how to choose from the wide selection of garages available from Dencroft.

Firstly, decide your budget, as this will affect the style and material of your garage. Dencroft typically manufactures garages from concrete, but brick is also an option. Dencroft excellent garage doors are available in metal, or wood, to suit most styles of home.

Secondly, discuss with the Dencroft garage experts the uses you will want to put your new garage to, and the type of activities your family engage in. This will determine whether you may prefer a smaller garage, for housing just one car, or a larger, more robust garage for a busy active family to house not just the car, but also bikes, and family outdoor toys.

If you are thinking of using your garage as an extra living space, perhaps for hobbies, or working from home, or as a gym, or playroom, you should discuss this at the outset, since this may affect your choice of materials, and positioning of windows. You may want to consider heating the garage, if it is to be used for leisure activities regularly in winter.

Thirdly, stand back and look at your home. Consider what style of garage would enhance its appearance. Garage doors are a major feature of garages. They must be secure for your possessions, and safe for your family to operate, but also should be a visually attractive feature of your home. Dencroft garages can be fitted with doors in a wide choice of materials, style, and colour, to suit the style of your home.

Dencroft offer a free site survey, measurement, and design service, to ensure that new garages will be suitable for their location, and an asset to your home.


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