Turning a shed into a studio

Turning a shed into a studio

Our range of concrete sheds on offer here at Dencroft are all being used for to accommodate very different needs. If you’re looking for somewhere extra to transform to this extra space as a new room in the house, then we have some top tips to ensure that you get this done with ease and style.

What is the function going to be? First and foremost, it’s important to work out what you’re going to be using this extra space for. Is it going to be an office? A spare bedroom? Or even somewhere to perfect your new hobby? Whatever it is, there’ll need to be some features that you’ll have to consider along the way of the conversion.

Good joinery can help massively. With it being such a compact space, maximising the potential is the key here. If you’re looking to make a desk, or a bed, speak to a local joiner and see if you can have something built in the space, which can also double up as something else. This will mean you can still use the room as storage.

Get as much lighting as possible. If there’s no room to add another window, look at what electrics can be fitted in to the shed, and what will provide you with the most light. Looking at things like spot lights, or even light fixtures along the walls, can really make the space feel a lot larger and even homelier.

Invest in heating.
Chances are, your shed wasn’t purpose built for an additional room in your house. Therefore, it’ll probably be best for you to look at insulating the shed, and investing in heating, particularly if you’re planning on using the new room year round.

If you’re looking for some extra space to hone in on your activities and hobbies away from distractions. Here at Dencroft we could help you with that extra space, with a concrete shed. We’re renowned for our reputation, and as such are recognized as the leading concrete garage and shed manufacturer. If you would like to get in touch with one of our friendly team, then do not hesitate to call us on 0800 118 2547.



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