Garage Removal Service

If you are not fully trained, dismantling a garage can be dangerous. Concrete and brick are heavy materials which if not handled correctly can cause serious injury. Equally, garage roofs and garage doors can easily fall and crush an inexperienced person.

Dencroft can provide the complete garage removal service, from the careful dismantling of your garage and its concrete base, through to the disposal of it at a registered waste disposal site.

We have a proven track record of dismantling single and double concrete, brick and stone garages, so whatever your needs, we can provide a competitively priced service.

Asbestos Garages
Dencroft are fully licensed and qualified to remove garages that contain asbestos.  Equally, whilst being transferred to a registered and licensed asbestos disposal site, the asbestos will be covered for the duration of the journey.

Throughout the whole dismantling, removal and disposal process, all engineers will wear recommended personal protection equipment when handling asbestos.

Old Garage Disposal
Dencroft will ensure that once your garage has been removed, it is disposed of in accordance with environmental agency standards and at a registered waste disposal site.

Base Laying
If you’re planning to replace your old garage with a new garage and the existing base is starting to look worn or crumbled, then you may require a new concrete base to be laid. Dencroft will undertake a free site survey and advise you whether a new base is required. As part of our complete solution, Dencroft can install a cost effective base to suit virtually any sized garage, shed or workshop.

Planning Permission
Once your garage has been removed, if you are planning to replace it with another sectional building, Dencroft will provide you with help and advice as to whether planning permission will be required. Due to recent changes in legislation, in most instances planning permission will not be needed.

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