Since Dencroft was established as a family business in 1947, we have provided a wide range of brick garages to customers throughout the UK making us one of the most experienced designers and manufacturers of brick garages in the UK.

Our range of brick and stone garages have been designed and manufactured so that you can find the perfect match to your home or the environment you live in.

Our two most popular garage finishes are our Denbrick and Denstone designs:


The Denbrick features a brick effect design that can be produced in line with the style of your house. Using a patented rendering system, it is available in a wide variety of colours, including red, buff, deep red or brown finishes. Composed of acrylic resigns, polymers and coloured aggregates,

Dencroft has been using these brick effect products for over 20 years and they have proved extremely durable and robust. Our brick garages provide the ideal choice when looking for an attractive and versatile garage that has been extensively tested for longevity.


The Denstone features a stone effect design that looks perfect alongside stone built properties. Using the same patented rendering system as the Denbrick Garage, the stone can be fashioned to appear either clean and new, or weathered. Timber effect garage doors, windows and access doors also prove to be the perfect compliment to the Destone finish. 


Both the Denbrick and Denstone garage come with a 10 year guarantee and are available across our full range of garage types including: 

Interlocking Panels

(unlike inferior butt jointed panels that are used by other cheaper manufacturers)

Interlocking Garage Panels

All Dencroft garages feature interlocking bolted joint panels that provide superior strength and protection from the weather

In addition the range includes the specially designed interlocking panels that provide added strength, rigidity and a weather proof joint. The panels are machine vibrated and reinforced with high yield steel to give an exceptionally strong concrete panel.

As with all our garages, Dencroft can offer a full design, manufacture and installation service including ground works and base laying.

Whilst all of our concrete garages, sheds and workshops are of a high specification, Dencroft offer a range of accessories that can be purchased as an upgrade. Click on the links below for more information:

- Personnel / Access Doors
- Garage Finishes
- Timber & UPVC Windows
- Remote Control (Electric Operation)
- Roofing Materials
- UPVC Fascias
- Front Pillars
- Guttering
- Garage Doors
- Bespoke Garages
- Extra Height Garages

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" I am exceptionally pleased with my Dencroft garage, they were quick, efficient and extremely polite. I have recommended them already to my friends and family. "

T. Peterson, Wakefield

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