Converting your garage into a Gym

Converting your garage into a Gym

More people nowadays are looking for extra space to fetch the gym to their home. We’re always looking for shortcuts in life, and that ride to and from the gym can easily be solved; it’s just finding that space. Well, if you have a garage that you’re just currently using to store junk, maybe it’s time to put it to better use and have your very own personal gym. Here at Dencroft, we’ve seen many of our customers convert their concrete garage in to their own exercise space and have many top tips that we can pass on to you to ensure you get the best out of it.

What happens to the junk?

Will the garage still house any of the junk, or are you now going to dedicate it solely to your new exercise space? This is important to consider when you’re looking to renovate the garage, as then you’ll be able to plan the floor space properly. This is also important as you’ll be able to plan the electrics for the space. Some of the new equipment will need a plug socket, but if you’re keeping a spare fridge, that will also need power. These things are vital to think through so that you get the full effect.

What are you hoping for?

Are you looking to make a gym that is weights focused, or are you looking to do more a cardio workout? If you’re looking for running and running machines, the concrete floor is a good solid base for this. However, if you’re looking for more weights, a supportive floor will be worthwhile investing in. A recycled rubber floor will be a perfect addition – just like the health clubs have fitted. Not only is it useful, it’s also a green option.

How to finish it off

So, you’ve chosen your equipment. Decided what you’re hoping to achieve. Now you need to finish the décor. As your garage, probably won’t have much in terms of light. Adding mirrors to the walls will be a great advantage to make the space seem lighter and brighter. It will also be great to see your progress as you’re working out!

Dencroft Garages are an established concrete garage builder and supplier with over 60 years’ experience. We are widely considered to be one of the UK’s most experienced designers and manufacturers. From sheds to double garages, apex roof garages to extra height garages, there’s nothing we can’t do. For any queries, give one of our friendly team a call on 0800 118 2547.


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