World War II Memorabilia ruin man’s garage

World War II Memorabilia ruin man’s garage

We’ve mentioned before, the weird and wonderful things that have been found in garages. Some have been valuable, some maybe not so. But, what is clear to us here at Dencroft is that we all keep some pretty valuable items in our garages. However, a man in Germany recently learnt the hard way about keeping his prized collectives in his garage…

It’s reported that a full neighbourhood had to recently be evacuated due to a World War II grenade exploding in one man’s garage. Police were called to find his garage in flames, with even more explosions following after their arrival. It’s reported that they were ignited due to unusually warm temperatures.

The owner of the grenade, was an active collector of firearms and war memorabilia. He stated that he’d acquired these particular pieces from a flea-market and was at work when the explosion had occurred and he was under the impression that the grenades were no longer active. The owner’s parents, who also reside with the collector was the first to report the explosions to the local authorities. Luckily, there were no injuries.

A neighbour spoke to the local press about the incident stating that ‘it was banging, and it didn’t stop banging’ demonstrating that the grenade certainly was active! The neighbours also stated that the individual was collecting memorabilia constantly, including grenades and other munitions.

However, despite proclaiming his innocence, police have confirmed that they will be launching an investigation for weapons law violations.

It just goes to show, that you should ensure that all potential hazards should be kept safely, to ensure not just the safety of yourselves but also the safety of neighbours!

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