Which style concrete garage is for you?

Which style concrete garage is for you?

Here at Dencroft we have many different concrete garage styles on offer to choose from, leading our customers to sometimes be a little unsure as to what is the best choice for them. As we’ve been around now for over 60 years, we know which style will benefit each customers requirements the most. Allow us to explain in more detail…

Concrete/Brick garages

Our staple product of course is the simple concrete garage. All being built, designed, and finished to the highest quality. Our concrete garages are all constructed with a Canterbury Spa finish. However, there are other options available for those seeking something slightly different. Not only do the different finishes enable you to tailor your garage to the fabric of your home or the environment you live within, but the aggregate material is extremely robust and durable.

Our brick garages are ideal for those who are looking for a garage to match in with their surroundings. We offer two brick garage finishes, the Denbrick which features a brick effect that can be produced in line with the style of your house. Or the Denstone, which features a stone effect that longs perfect alongside stone built properties. Both use a patented rendering system, which means that they can be designed to specification.

Apex Roof Garages

The design incorporates an Apex roof which is manufactured to provide maximum strength, durability, and improved drainage properties with the advantage of an extra storage area in the roof space. The Apex is constructed using a steel ‘A’ frame with treated timber plurings. The benefit of this design is the additional storage that the roof area provides.

The Apex roof garages can once again come in both brick or concrete options, meaning it can be constructed to match your surroundings.

Pent Roof Garages

The pent roof designed garage is extremely popular, mainly due to its modern and practical design as well as being incredibly cost effective when compared with other models. The pent roof drains from the front to the rear on this style of concrete garage and offers a practical solution to drainage.

As standard, the pent roof come with a Canterbury Spa finish, however this can be upgraded to a finish of your choice.
We’re renowned for our reputation, and as such are recognized as the leading concrete garage manufacturer. If you would like to get in touch with one of our friendly team, then do not hesitate to call us on 0800 118 2547.

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