Top accessories for your concrete garage

Top accessories for your concrete garage

Concrete garages are increasingly being used for purposes other than storing the family car. From home gym, to hobby centre to workshop space, the garage is now utilised in many different ways. With this new usage often comes mess and clutter as belongings and tools spill out and overflow into the garage. However, your garage doesn’t need to look like it’s been taken over – there are plenty of accessories that can be fitted to help maximise the space available and add some order to proceedings.

Storage racks
To help organise your belongings, invest in some purpose built storage racks. These days racks can be installed for many different items including bikes, fishing rods, skiing equipment, ladders, hoses and even lawn mowers. They can be attached to your wall or ceiling depending on what they are being used for.

Like storage racks, hooks can be attached to the wall of your garage and be used for items such as winter coats or wet weather gear. Not only will they look neater hung up, it can help save space in your house by having them here too.

Adding some shelving to the inside of your concrete garage helps to create extra storage areas whilst freeing up floor space. Shelves are great for keeping everyday items such as pet food or plant feed to hand whilst enabling them to be kept out of the reach of children at the same time.

Tool boxes
To stop tools and gardening gear taking over your garage it is worth buying a tool box or two. This means that all you equipment can be stored in one place and easily found if necessary.

Dencroft stock a wide range of accessories which can be used to help upgrade your garage this spring. To learn more about the products we offer, please give one of our friendly team a call today on 0800 1182547.


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